About Foundation IT Leader Club Poland

Foundation IT Leader Club Poland is the first independent non-governmental organization whose main goal is to promote the idea of ​​a responsible approach to IT management in accordance with the motto "With us you are a socially responsible IT" and an active influence on the shape of Poland in accordance with the idea of ​​appointing the independent think tank the Centre Digital thoughts for the areas
e-state, e-business, e-market.

Projects and initiatives implemented by the Foundation shall be based on an independent think tank, which is beyond the diagnosis and describing the modern technologies and trends in the ICT Foundation also wants to actively influence the shape of the development of digitization in Poland engaging and utilizing the potential of ICT experts independent of the environment centered around the Foundation.

The Foundation works mainly to increase efficiency and quality of the Polish economy in the world within the application of best practices in the management of information technology acting on Canvas Digital Thought Center, e-state, e-business, e-business, the purpose of which is to provide ideas and alternatives for development digital Polish state-level economic and business.

By creating a Digital Thought Center, the Foundation provides a platform for the exchange of ideas inspired by IT leaders from various sectors of the economy to make the best and effective entry into the path of innovation and new technologies.

The Foundation is represented by a large group of experts, who through their volunteer substantive significantly stress the high ranking leaders of IT environment and help in achieving the objectives of the Foundation.

Since 2011, the Foundation has been able to bring together more than 1,500 IT professionals who are active participants in a number of initiatives and events of the Foundation IT Leader Club Poland.

  • Academy of IT Management for Public Sector in Poland
  • Morning debate IT BREAKFAST
  • Independent IT Leader Club Poland 
  • Afternoon lectures IT EVENING
  • IT Leaders Community IT SOCIAL
  • Award "Socially Responsible Company in IT" (FOSIT)itleader.org.pl/odpowiedzialnispolecznie
  • Charity Action Cyfrowe ABC
  • Independent IT Magazine

Foundation IT Leader Club Poland
Office: VIMAR OFFICE, Grzybowska 87 Street, 00-844 Warsaw, POLAND

Phone: +48 22 213 82 96

TAX Number: 527-266-68-79
Company ID: 0000396492
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