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The IT Leader Club Poland Foundation stands as the premier independent, non-governmental organization dedicated to fostering a responsible approach to IT management. Guided by our motto, "With us, you are a socially responsible IT professional," we not only strive to actively shape Poland's future in alignment with the vision of establishing the Centre for Digital Thought—an independent think tank focused on e-governance, e-business, and the e-market—but also excel in providing advanced educational opportunities through our comprehensive MBA programs.

In the past three years, we have significantly expanded our educational offerings, introducing MBA programs tailored for aspiring and current IT leaders. These programs are designed to bridge the gap between technical expertise and strategic management, ensuring our graduates are well-equipped to navigate the challenges of the digital economy. Our commitment to educational excellence is further exemplified by our collaborations with globally recognized institutions such as the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and the BQF (British Quality Foundation), enhancing the credibility and value of our MBA offerings.

Our projects and initiatives draw on the expertise of this independent think tank. Beyond merely diagnosing and describing modern technologies and trends in ICT, the Foundation is committed to actively influencing the development of digitalization in Poland. We leverage the potential of independent ICT experts united by the Foundation's mission to foster a more efficient and quality-driven Polish economy on the global stage, through the application of best practices in information technology management.

The Digital Thought Center, initiated by the Foundation, serves as a vibrant platform for the exchange of ideas among IT leaders from various economic sectors. This initiative aims to facilitate a seamless transition into the pathways of innovation and new technologies, ultimately contributing to the digital advancement of the Polish state and its economy.

With a robust network of experts who generously contribute their knowledge and skills, the Foundation underscores the significance of IT leadership in achieving our goals. Since its inception in 2011, the IT Leader Club Poland Foundation has successfully united over 5,500 professionals. These active members participate in a wide range of initiatives and events, significantly advancing the Foundation's mission to shape a digitally empowered Poland.

Key programs and projects:


  • Morning debate IT BREAKFAST
  • Independent IT Leader Club Poland 
  • Afternoon lectures IT EVENING
  • IT Leaders Community IT SOCIAL
  • Award "Socially Responsible Company in IT" (FOSIT)itleader.org.pl/odpowiedzialnispolecznie
  • Charity Action Cyfrowe ABC
  • Independent IT Magazine

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